World Pipe Band Championships

Saturday August 15th, we made our way around the corner to the Glasgow Green for a really entertaining competitive event involving pipe bands from around the world. The Simon Fraser University Pipe band won last year, and we saw them perform and win it again this year. Glasgow has hosted the World Pipe Band Championships for the last 60 years.

We watched the Grade 1 competition (the pros) from a little ways back in a big crowd. Seats were an extra cost. It was actually quite difficult to hear because of all the other bands marching around and playing not far behind us.
The BBC had a camera on a big crane to give us a view of the formations. It was shown up on a big screen.
This is Simon Fraser.

In addition to the piping competition there were several strong-man competitions. These guys had to throw a weight backwards over their heads over what looked like a very tall high-jump bar.

 The drum majors were my favourite. Even the young people are very serious, and are marked very carefully on their form.
One of the bands accompanying the drum majors.