Lake Pukaki & Aoraki/Mount Cook

Here are some photos of one of my favourite places on our trip to New Zealand, Aoraki/Mount Cook. We stopped at Lake Pukaki on the way in, and you can see Mt. Cook in the background with the clouds. It was so lovely there. At the Mt. Cook village itself, the stars were amazing. We didn’t manage to get a good photo, but let me tell you, it was so beautiful that Christian dragged me out of bed into the cold night to go see it. There were a few others taking pictures and they captured some amazing views of the milky way. The light pollution in the village is minimal because they have strict regulations about downward-facing lights and particular bulb requirements. This destination was particularly special for me, because I overcame some physical limitations by hiking much further than I imagined possible. The adventurous Sealy Tarns hike was basically straight up a very steep set of stairs. It’s a piece of the alpine route to the Mueller Hut, and we encountered some unbelievable people carrying massive packs, twice as far as we managed to go.

These are a group of images that Christian and I took:

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Mt. Cook peeking through the clouds.


View of Mt. Cook in the Valley where our hotel was (Mt. Cook Backpacker Lodge).


The view from our room.


Club moss.

The left two are from the Glencoe Stream Walk, above the Hermitage Hotel.


Paradise Shelduck/Putakitaki. Usually seen with a mate with a black head, but this one was alone.


Some lichen along the Governor’s Bush walk.

Christian on the Sealy Tarns walk, and at the highest point we reached.

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Zoom lens view of Mt. Cook.