Downtown Melbourne

New things I’ve learned about Australia:
Biker gang = Bikie gang. (Sounds cute right?).
Kangaroos occasionally enter the airport. No joke.
Eggs at the grocery store are not refrigerated. Here’s why.
New Word: ‘bandicooting’ it basically means: to rummage around on the ground looking for early harvests while the plants are still growing.  Thank you Suburban Tomato.

And some Photos from the weekend: (for more, see our flickr page)

4 thoughts on “Downtown Melbourne

  1. Are you familiar with the animal from which the term ‘bandicooting’ originates? If you watch one you can see why digging around for early potato crops is similar to their behaviour. Thanks for the link. Love your photography!

    1. No I’ve definitely never seen a bandicoot. I just moved to Melbourne and have never been to Australia before. I’m really enjoying your blog and seeing your beautiful harvest. I have so much to learn!

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