Melbourne Backyard Animals

Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been mostly immobile because of a back injury, and so haven’t been out and about taking photos in Melbourne. Being stuck inside though, I always have my eyes peeled for critters in the back yard. Here are some mostly blurry and poorly lit images and videos that Christian and I took from our window. These little neighbours are usually only around late at night or early in the morning.


These trees bend in the wind like elastic bands, and the possums seem to have no trouble hanging on.

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We have one gimpy little fox with a bum leg that’s around all the time. He’s skinny and sad and often walks right up to people at night, probably looking for food. Another time I saw two bigger, stronger ones jumping around together. I thought they were dingos, but foxes seem much more likely.

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Our noisy neighbours. Sometimes they swoop down inside the balcony and scream into the apartment. It stops my heart. The day Christian was doing his defence a great flock of them landed in the trees. Turned out to be a good sign.

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