Hiking in St. John’s, NFLD

Christian and I are back in the big city after eight unusually beautiful days in Newfoundland. Christian visited once as a kid and I’ve never been there before, but I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be back. We saw only a little rain and some fiercely sunny days with abnormal heat. At about this time last year we also happened to bring some sunny weather to the Atlantic coast for our wedding. Below are some photos from our first two of four days in St. John’s. From there we rented a little car and drove on to Bonavista, Elliston, and up to Twillingate. I’ll post some more photos soon with the next legs of the trip. If you’re interested in seeing a whole slew of photos, they’re in our flickr collection here.

Bela tried her best not to let us leave.

For our first two nights we stayed in a hostel on Gower St. We had a nice little private room with an old fireplace. These are our bunks. The review I wrote should be up soon here.

View of Gower Street towards the hostel.

Humungous “medium” coffee and crumpets near the hostel.

Hiking around St. John’s headed to Ladies Lookout and Signal Hill.

Christian was really jazzed about the hike.

Near where some locals pointed out a bald eagle to us.

Somewhere along the trail.

Signal hill view.

Pretending to go up the steps. We actually were going down, but most people were going the other way.

It was pretty windy!

View in towards the city.

Our path.

End of the trail.

View from inside the shack of a friendly old guy who sells water at the end of the trail.

Quirky house really hits home. Haha!

We had a few drinks on George Street. This old guy did his tap routine a couple times and later on we saw The Irish Descendants.

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